The Green Team was founded in September 2015 by Nate Secord as a Sole-Proprietorship. The Green Team headquarters is in Canastota, NY and is a centrally located in Upstate NY, enabling easy access to Western, Eastern, and the Southern Tier regions of NY. The Green Team serves the same upstate New York territories that are serviced by National Grid and NYSEG utility companies, using the energy efficiency programs these utilities offer to get customers the best value from their investment.

The Green Team was built on the understanding that light is a necessary part of everyday life. Light is something that is in poor quality around the world, even while there are excellent sources of clean, safe light that are available. Light is a necessary element to functional businesses, whether it is on the interior of the building or the exterior. The Green Team has identified safe, reliable, and efficient lighting sources that typically reduce power consumption generated from lighting by 60% or more, depending on the existing lighting system attributes.

As a responsible and ethical company, The Green Team ensures that customers are well educated of all the possibilities that lay before them to simultaneously save money and protect the environment. Partnering with local utility companies, The Green Team helps customers take advantage of every incentive and grant opportunity that helps pay for the investment in energy efficient lighting. The Green Team is also working with state and government grant agencies, like NYSERDA and the REDC in New York State. This cooperation allows customers to reduce initial investment costs significantly, seeing savings sooner rather than later.

It’s hard to ignore that we live in an age of ever expanding technological advances. The Green Team strives to stay ahead of the tide, staying up to date with leading lighting research and lending its own research and information to manufacturers and designers whenever it can. It is a company that stands by quality and the free sharing of information to better advance society.