Have a lot of customers looking to charge fast? Want even more power to get them back on the road faster and the ability to charge more customers? Consider DCFC (direct current fast charging) and become a part of this new EV revolution!

What is DCFC?

DCFC or direct current fast charging (pictured farthest to the right above) is the most powerful flavor of charging station. These stations are most commonly found at highway rest stops or gas stations, places where people need to charge fast and continue on with their journey. These stations make electric vehicles more accessible. People who need to commute farther than their vehicle's range or who wish to take a long distance road trip can now do so in an electric vehicle! More and more electric vehicles are adopting the ability to accept DCFC and stations are popping up across the country. DCFC is the next step toward an all-electric future on our roads. Check out this informative article by InsideHook about how DCFC stations are making cross-country EV trips possible.

Enel X JuicePump

We will install the JuicePump, one of the most technologically advanced and intuitive DCFC stations, produced by our partner Enel X.