Once you decide on which type of energy efficient measure to invest in, the next big question is always “Who’s installing all of this?” The Green Team has a dedicated installation crew that knows the in’s and out’s of each of our light fixtures.  CNY Green Team Installations, LLC, The Green Team’s sister company solely built to guarantee successful and affordable installations, is an equal partnership between Nate Secord, Kristin Secord, and Darren Hudson. The trio manage and co-ordinate your lighting installation so that it is a seamless, painless process.

As a company that cares for our customers, we are willing to work around your busy schedule to install at a time and date that is most convenient to your needs. CNY Green Team Installations, LLC. works quickly, quietly, and most importantly, cleanly. We don’t leave a mess for you to pick up! As a green and eco-friendly lighting installation company, CNY Green Team Installations, LLC. takes care of the recycling of all of your old fixtures, lamps, and ballasts. All old material is either recycled or, on occasion, donated to a charity organization needing replacement tubes with no money to invest into energy efficient technology.